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YaGoat Tri-Effect Honey For Men - 60 gm - 3X

As one of our customer said in his review:

"This stuff blows everything out of the water for rock solid bedroom wood"



Tri-Effect herbal honey description:

  • ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Made of Organic raw honey, Black Ginger, Ginger, Nutmeg, Fenugreek Seeds extract, Black Seeds extract, Organic Sesame seeds extract, Yohimbe, Black Maca, Safed Musli, Muira Puama, Cloves, Akarkara, Cnidium, Organic Olive extract, Grain of Paradise and Cinnamon.


  • PROVEN FORMULA: YaGoat Tri-Effect Herbal Honey for men is organic raw honey infused with natural herbal extracts that are in use for over 1000 years in Asia, Persia, African and Desert tribes to naturally help in reaching optimum  hardness and enlargement for intense intimate performance. Tri-Effect ingredients are scientifically proven by research, studies and clinical trial to be highly effective in improving blood flow and bring comfort, relaxation as well as reduce stress and inflammation. Elevate your confidence. Order yours now. 

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    • DIRECTIONS:  (English - Spanish - Arabic)

    To ensure best results of the honey

     Stir the honey well before each consumption.

    Take one Tablespoon - Included(1 tablespoon = 3 teaspoons) on an empty or not so full stomach 45 minutes before the action. 

    The honey has a sweet-bitter, fruity taste. We do not mask the herbal taste with artificial or synthetic flavor. We keep it all natural.

    Take the honey by mouth directly.


    We recommend dissolving the dosage in 1-2 oz of warm drink, warm water, warm milk, warm tea or warm coffee then take it as a shot.

     Skip two days between consumptions for consistent results.

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    Para asegurar los mejores resultados de la miel

     Revuelva bien la miel antes de consumirla.

     Tome una cucharada - incluida (1 cucharada = 3 cucharaditas) con el estómago vacío  o no tan lleno 45 minutos antes de la acción.

     Tenga en cuenta que la miel tiene un sabor afrutado dulce-amargo.

     Tome la miel por vía oralmente. Si no puede tolerar el sabor a base de hierbas, revuélvalo (dosificación ) bien en 1-2 onzas de agua tibia, leche o té tibios.

     Omita dos días entre consumos para obtener resultados consistentes.


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    لضمان أفضل النتائج للعسل

    قلب العسل جيدا قبل الاستهلاك

    خذ ملعقة كبيرة واحدة - مرفقه (ملعقة كبيرة = 3 ملاعق صغيرة) على معدة فارغة أو غير مملوءه ٤٥ دقيقه قبل الممارسة

    للعسل طعم عشبي حلو ومر وفاكهي

    خذ العسل عن طريق الفم مباشرة

    إذا كان طعم الاعشاب غير مستساغ، يمكنك إذابة جرعة العسل جيدا وتناوله في ربع كوب دافئ من الماء أو الحليب أو الشاي

    تخطي يومين بين الاستهلاك للحصول على نتائج متسقة


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    • Cautious: Herbal products are generally safe, however, it is recommended you consult your physician prior to using any herbal products.

    Customer Reviews

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    Jason Kirby

    This stuff blows everything out of the water for rock solid bedroom wood .

    Willie Rainey

    YaGoat Tri-Effect Honey For Men - Erection - Enlargement - 60 gm - 3X

    LeRoy Robinson III

    YaGoat Tri-Effect Honey For Men - Erection - Enlargement - 60 gm - 3X

    Terry Hood
    Not impressed

    So far not impressed but haven't used it but a couple of times.

    Bought it on eBay
    Will buy again