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YaGoat Muscle Relaxer Oil - Chronic Pain Reliever - Reduces Inflammation and Improves Circulation - 60 Doses


YaGoat oil relieves chronic pain. YaGoat muscle relaxer oil targets and reduces inflammation and improves poor circulation the root cause of pain for fast relief.  YaGoat oil is a long lasting pain reliever for joint, muscle, back, knee, neck, hand, foot, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip and legs. The Oil is safe to use for headache and toothache. YaGoat natural muscle relaxer oil  has a calming effect on the nervous system. YaGoat OTC muscle relaxer oil is applied topically, absorbs quickly, penetrates deep and safe to use on sensitive skin. YaGoat, the best muscle relaxer oil is made of only six natural and organic ingredients curated for their effectiveness in relieving pain quickly, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Cloves Essential Oil, Ginger Essential Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Safed Musli Extract, Spanish Chamomile Extract. 


Reduces inflammation and Improves circulation 

 Loosens stiffness and improves mobility  

 Muscle relaxer and  joint pain reliever

 Instant relief for foot and nerve pain  

Fast relief for toothache and stress headache



Use the included 1 ml calibrated glass dropper to get doses.


For muscles , joints and headaches Pain

1. Apply 0.5 ml by hand to the affected body area. Use more drops if needed to cover the affected body area..

2. For headache, apply 0.5 mL by hand to the forehead

3. Apply good hand rubbing (good massage) to the affected body area until soothing heat is felt and the oil is fully absorbed

For Gum Irritation

1. Apply 5 - 7 drops on a cotton swap

2. Gently rub the affected gum with the cotton swap.

For Toothache

1. Apply 2-3 drops directly to the affected tooth.


Organic Extra-Virgin Olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil has properties that can reduce inflammation and help in relieving joint pain. Oleocanthal, which is found in olive oil, can have similar effects as nonsteroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs. An added benefit of extra-virgin olive oil comes from lubricin, which helps keeps joints working smoothly and protects cartilage. It might also be helpful for osteoarthritis pain.

Organic Ginger Oil

Ginger Essential Oil has a warming effect on sore muscles, which helps relieve the pain. It soothes aches, redness, eliminates bacteria, inhibits the signs of skin damage and aging. It restores color, radiance to a dull complexion and reduces inflammation.

Organic Clove bud oil

Clove oil can be used in a massage oil blend to help relieve symptoms of arthritis, sprains, strains, and muscle pain, as well as rheumatism. Clove oil helps improve circulation and is ideal for reducing the pain associated with tension headaches. Clove oil is known for its calming effect on toothaches.

Vitamin "E" Oil

Vitamin “E” helps repair damaged tissues. It can improve circulation and immunity.

Spanish Chamomile

Spanish chamomile is native to Mediterranean Europe and parts of North Africa. Increased Vata dosha in the body results in muscles aches or joint pain. Spanish chamomile is known to pacify Vata doshas. People suffering from the problem of nervine weakness in the body or from paralysis are benefited by the local application of Spanish chamomile infused massage oil. Spanish chamomile-infused massage oil strengthens the nerves and helps to build body strength, provides nourishment and makes the entire body re-energized and rejuvenated. Spanish chamomile is a folk medicine to help in treating toothache and bleeding gum.

Safed Musli

Safed Musli is a herb found in the tropical wet forests in peninsular India. It helps in relieving rheumatism and joint pain. Musli has antidiabetic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-stress properties and strengths and calms the nerves.


This fast-acting and long-lasting formula has a range of benefits from helping users with serious health conditions to simply acting as a stellar couple’s body ointment for regular massages. We use oil as opposed to lotion for its deeper penetration and rapid effectiveness so you can be released from pain in minutes.

Feel free to use it every day as the ointment is completely natural with nothing but pure essential oils and vegan-friendly ingredients. We ensure our mixture is free from colorants, or any animal cruelty so you can enjoy greaseless application guilt-free.

Our team performed years of research on ancient remedies to bring you a solution that is safe yet extremely effective. Trust our experts to deliver an all-in-one solution that your body will love. With 60 doses at your disposal, you can kiss your injuries and soreness goodbye.

So, get your hands on the massage oil that has your back when you need it most. Comfort is only a couple of golden drops away.

Q & A


These questions have been directed to us by customers who purchased the oil. We are listing the most valuable information here, however, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us here or call/ text 540-7033. We will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

Q: Do I use my hand to massage the penis?
You may receive the oil from the bottle to the balm of your hand. However, It is recommended to use the index and middle fingers of the other hand to apply the oil all over the penis top , bottom and head to avoid the loss of some of the oil into the hand’s skin.

A: Is the oil safe to apply on my sensitive skin?
Yes. The oil ingredients are commonly found on facial cosmetics products. However, you can test the safety by applying 2-3 drops to the forearm, massage it and leave it on for 2 hours. /if there are no redness or rash, you can use the oil.

Q: How long is dose the oil delays ejaculation?
A: Based on our testing and many customers feedback, the delay ranges between 15 – 45 minutes. Few customers have reported longer than 45 minutes.

Q: What if I do not want the delay for more than 15 minutes?
A: Before having sex, leave the massaged oil on for 30 minutes only then wash it with WARM water and soap. If you leave the oil on for more than 45 minutes or do not wash the oil off, you will experience long delay.

Q: How do I know if the oil started to work?
A: You will feel warmth and tingling on your penis. That is a sign of the blood flow to the penis tissues.

Q: What happens if I do not wait 30 minutes or 45 minutes after applying the oil?
A: You will not get good results. The oil effect of increasing blood flow to the penis tissue that is needed for erection is 27 – 30 minutes.

Q: Will the oil cause erection if I have severed erectile dysfunction?
A: If your erection is in stage one, severed erectile dysfunction, we recommend you use our male enhancement pill or YaGoat honey for men and the oil simultaneously. There is only a 50% chance for the oil alone to work. If The oil’s mechanism is to increase the blood flow to the penis. If you suffer from week blood flow, then the oil – pill or oil - honey combination may work well. However, if you have shortage in testosterone or your estrogen level is high, then we recommend our 12 weeks program to treat this problem. Please contact us at customersupport@yagoat.com or call 570540-7033 to learn about the program.

Q: How strong is the erection caused by the oil massage?
A: When applied properly, you will experience stage 4 at the foreplay stage (banana hard). However, you will enjoy stage 5 erection (cucumber) once you penetrate.

Q: Does the oil increase my penis thickness permanently?
A: The oil will thicken your penis for improved performance; However, the thickness is temporary. For lasting penis enragement in penis size and length, try our 8 weeks course with YaGoat Men’s Enlargement oil.

Q: Can I use the oil daily for erections and delay?
A: Yes. However, we recommend to skip a day in between uses for consistent results.

Q: Does the oil cause numbness?
A: NO. You and your partner will enjoy full sensation.


    How many men out there that are on medication and will not ingest pills or honey because it interacts with their medication? So Many.
    How many men out there that complain about the headache, heartburn, blurry vision, upset stomach and other irritable side effect when they ingest pills or honey? Almost all!
    How many topical male enhancement products out there that are all-natural, non-ingestible, made of organic essential oils fast-acting, effective and does no harm? Only YaGoat Massage Oil

    Win new customer.
    According to the World Health Organization statistics, 30% of Americans use natural herbal products for some health issues annually. That is 30% of your neighborhood.
    Offer your customers this one-stop-shop for 1-hard erections, 2-delayed ejaculation, 3-increase in sperm count, 4-penis size enlargement, and 5- Nourish & Hydrates the penis skin. 5 products in one.

    Everyone wins.
    Customers get very cheap but effective organic natural enhancer that is priced for less than $2 for each application (10 applications per bottle), and you the outlet, make 100% or more in net profit.

    Show them you care.
    When you offer this unique, powerful, and all-natural topical herbal formula with no irritable side effect, your clients will appreciate your care for their sexual wellness with this natural healthy massage oil. Win your clients' Loyalty.

    Customers Benefits

    ➣ Steady and Firm Erections

    ➣ Delay Ejaculation

    ➣ Penis Size Enlargement

    ➣ Increase Sperm Count

    ➣ Heels dry & cracked Skin


    After years of researching ancient Asian, African, and Amazonian practices for increasing vitality our experts were able to create this wonder balm for you. Tap into generations of wisdom to experience the power and endurance that nature can provide.

    Organic Nutmeg Oil

    Nutmeg has been used for its medicinal properties for more than 5,000 years. The Hindus and ancient Arabs cultures were known to use aphrodisiac nutmeg as a treatment for low male libido.” Even the English adopted nutmeg as an aphrodisiac. Due to the presence of sterols, phenols, alkaloids and amino acids in Nutmeg extract, it has nervous stimulating property. In the seventeenth century, a doctor and author of medical texts, Willian Salmon, recommended nutmeg oil applied to the nether regions as a quick fix for boosting libido.


    Organic Watermelon Seeds Oil

    Originated in the deserts of Africa, Watermelon has a history stretching back at least 5,000 years. In ancient Greece, 460 BC - 370 BC The great physician Hippocrates of Kos praised its healing properties. Watermelon seed oil contains L-citrulline, an amino acid that may support better erections. The oil also contains linolenic acid, omega 9 as well as omega 6 and fatty acids that stimulate skin cell growth, reduces scars, repairs skin damage and promote vibrant, glowing skin


    Organic Fenugreek Seeds Oil

    Fenugreek seeds survived the rigors of clinical studies., researchers found that fenugreek seeds can boost men’s sex drive by at least a quarter. It is an important source of diosgenin, which is widely used in the production of steroids used for sex hormones. This stimulation leads to an aphrodisiac effect and increased sexual desire, which promotes better erections


    Organic Black Seed Oil

    Many civilizations used its oil for health benefits. People in the Middle East believe that black seed has a cure for every aliment except death! The topical application of its oil may be useful for relieving symptoms of impotence and helps get a hard erection. That is due to its effect on local muscles, blood vessels, and blood flow. Using black seed oil topically for impotence is a traditional remedy in Persian speaking regions.


    Organic Sesame seeds Oil

    Studies indicate that antioxidants and lignan present in sesame seeds can help improve sperm count, motility, and quality.


    Maca Extract

    For centuries Incan warriors in Peru would consume maca root before and after battle to provide them extra strength, stamina and endurance to out-power their opponents. Further to this maca was seen as natural aphrodisiac and sacred for men as it gave them better fertility, sexual prowess and heightened libido.


    Safed Musli roots

    It has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine to increase libido, erection strength, sperm quality, ejaculation latency and to treat general sexual weakness. its effective as an aphrodisiac and adaptogen which means you perform longer and better without stress or anxiety.


    Muira Puama

    Known as potency wood. It is actually the best-known Amazonian folk medicine which increases libido and penile hardness. It acts as a nerve stimulant to heighten receptiveness to sexual stimuli as well as physical sensation of sex. It helps restore sex drive and inner depth of libido and mental ability to be aroused.


    Grains of Paradise

    This African spice is known as Alligator pepper. It is an Aphrodisiac, meaning, it acts as sexual stimulant for men. It can inhibit PDE-5 and prolong the time taken to ejaculate, which is excellent for guys suffering from premature ejaculation or wish to go longer.


    Current Expiration date is 5/31/2003

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    price you paid per bottle.

    We produce this product in the USA. We have continued production process.

    NO. The product is all-natural. We use high quality organic essential oils and vegan friendly herbs.

    NO. The product is cruelty free.

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    For a single application, you must use 20 drops of the oil (1ml) in total.

    The bottle comes with a Euro dropper.
    Use the Euro dropper to get the proper full dosage.
    To get the drops, hold the bottle upside down at an angel (see picture).
    Do not shake or force the oil drops out.
    It will take about 20 seconds for 10 drops to come out.
    You may replace the Euro dropper with an Eye dropper. In this case, use .5ml twice (10 drops = .5ml)

    Pelvic area.

    Application Steps:

    1. Apply 10 drops (0.5ml) all over the penis (top & bottom). Hand massage the entire penis for about 45-60 seconds until oil is fully absorbed. It is recommended to avoid the opening.

    2. Apply another 10 drops (0.5ml) all over the Pelvic area (the Non-Hairy part above the penis). Hand massage the pelvic area sideways for 45-60 seconds until oil is fully absorbed .

    3. For maximum delay benefits, leave the oil on for 45 minutes before washing it off with soap & water.


    1. Intimacy, kissing and touching triggers the oil effect

    2. Moderate or not so full stomach will allow better blood flow to the penis, meaning firmer erections

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Miguel Quezada
    Sore muscles

    YaGoat all natural herbal infused his great I could feel the difference my muscles are not a that sore anymore and it helps him heal


    This massage oil is really a gift. My feet are always sore from standing for 8 hours every day. Once i use this oil and rub my feet with it, I feel new. The soreness goes away instantly. If your feet hurt often, buy this oil. It is really good.

    Moustafa Elgaly
    Favorite product for sore muscles!

    I get shoulder pain from using my arms a lot at work. I rub some oil on and let it sit. The best pain reliever I bought that I seen results with! I purchased two bottles and definitely will continue purchasing!

    Ehab Hassan
    Very good

    I woke up with a stiff neck. It was painful and i could not move around. I used this oil and i felt less pain instantly. Within 20 minutes i regained movement. I applied the oil 2 more times and by the end of the day, my neck was back to normal. I recommend it.

    Great for After Workouts

    Using this after intense workouts has really helped with muscle recovery. I can do my workouts without having to worry about cramps and soreness the next day since using this. Love the oil and would definitely recommend!