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YaGoat Erectile Dysfunction PKG - Male Enhancement Pills - Erection Oil - Month Supply

Is your erection declining and do you fear it is getting worse?







Are you more anxious about intimacy and fear failure?

Do you feel empty, sluggish and have low self-steam?

Do you have low desire and feel sexually unfulfilled?



True natural herbal pills that promise hard erection in minutes are over promising!

Synthetic pills work much faster for erection, but,  only work for 60-70% of men, have irritable side effects and expensive.


Good news:

YaGoat offers all-natural package solution that includes: 



Start the process of reversing erectile decline. Once your body becomes fully-acquainted to our powerful blend of exotic and proven ingredients, you’ll begin to experience bigger, harder, and thicker erections that you and your partner will notice almost right away. Get back to your prime. Start having spontaneous intimacy when the moment calls for it.


2- YaGoat Massage Oil for Men:  ERECTION, DELAY AND THICKNESS in 45 MINUTES

While your body becomes fully-acquainted to Prime 25 powerful blend of proven ingredients, use our organic powerful massage oil and enjoy steel hard erection, delay and thickness in only 45 minutes.



Prime 25 for Men

 Made of standardized herbal extracts where the herbs active components are calculated and defined for proper dosages and to ensure your maximum benefits the herbs can offer. The ingredients benefits have been scientifically validated through published researches, studies and clinical trials. The ingredients have been in use for over 1000 years in Asia, Persia, African and desert tribes as homeopathic remedies for improving male sexual functions and increasing fertility.



Made of high quality and standardized herbal extracts,  Kaempferia Parviflora (5% DMF), Tongkat Ali root extract (12% Eurycomanone), Fenugreek Seeds extract (50% Spanion), Ashwagandha root extract (5% Withanolide), Cnidium Monnieri fruit seeds extract (65% Osthole), Pumpkin Seeds extract (45% Fatty Acid), Semen Cuscutae, Stinging Nettle Root. Tribulus extract (90% Saponins), Muira Puama, Horny goat weed, Vitamins B1, B6, B12, Zinc


Increase Natural Testosterone

Low testosterone can make you feel miserable, sluggish, and downright sad, especially when it comes to sex. With the support of Prime 25, you can begin to experience more available testosterone for an increase in all-day energy, better muscle definition, and a stronger desire for sex


Improve Sexual Focus

For most men, especially those 40 and older, it may take a lot more effort to relax and have a desire to be intimate. Prime 25 potent natural ingredients help improve stress levels, balance mood, and support a healthy desire for sex.


Erection Hardness & Girth

It’s no secret— blood flow to your sexual organs is key for strong erection. Once your body has become fully-acquainted to our powerful blend of exotic and proven ingredients, you’ll begin to experience bigger, harder, and thicker erections that you and your partner will notice almost right away.


Increase Sperm Volume and Motility

Prime 25 clinically-backed ingredients help increase semen volume, concentration, and motility. Additionally, Prime 25 will intensify orgasms and strengthen climax’s Paulse.


Maintain Health Prostate

Men above 40+ years old may experience symptoms of enlarged and unhealthy prostate size and functions that leads to erectile decline and ejaculation problems. Prime 25 ingredients like Semen Cuscutae, Stinging Nettle Root, Tribulus extract and Pumpkin Seeds support preserving normal healthy prostate size as well as curbing BPH symptoms.  


Elevate Sexual Desire

Experiencing low libido? The powerful ingredients in Prime 25 has been proven to increase your natural desire for sex without trying so hard to be “in the mood".


Skyrocket Sexual Attraction

While Prime 25 ingredients like Kaempferia Parviflora increase metabolism by 150% that help burning belly and the lower abdominal fat faster, other ingredients like Tongkat Ali, Ashwagandha and Fenugreek Seeds help gain muscles, increase strength and body firmness which skyrocket your sex appeal and  your ability to attract other people sexually making you the perfect mate choice.



Prime 25  clinically-backedingredients' benefits:

 Kaempferia Parviflora (5% DMF):The highest active component known; this Thai Black Ginger extract is a medicinal herb that has been used for over 1000 years to overcome many erectile dysfunction issues. In addition, A clinical study published on the National Center for Biotechnology Information, an official website of the United States government (articles/PMC5871153), concluded that Kaempferia Parviflora causes significant Penile size increase flaccid and unrested in 30 to 60 days.

                      ➣ Add size
                      ➣ Reduce stress and inflammation, which are main causes of ED
                      ➣ Increase blood circulation
                      ➣ Increase muscles strength and activities
                      ➣ Increase physical endurance
                      ➣ Increase metabolism and fat burning


  • Tongkat Ali root extract (12% Eurycomanone): One of the highest active components. To get the benefits of Tongkat Ali, you will need a minimum of 10% Eurycomanone, the active component. Prime 25 offers you daily intake of 12 mg of Eurycomanone. this Malaysian root extract is an “ancient” remedy that has a notorious scientifically proven positive effect on men sexual health:
                      ➣ Increase T-Level by up to 122%
                      ➣ Improves erection hardness score at 12 weeks from base 2.5 (erection not enough to penetrate) to EHS score 3.58 (highest EHS is 4)
                      ➣ Increase erection time by 162%
                      ➣ Improve sperm count by 65%
                      ➣ Increase muscle strength by 10%
                      ➣ Reduce anxiety and depression by 15%
                      ➣ Shield the body from the detrimental effects of “modern” chronic stress
                      ➣ Reduces Aging Males Symptom (AMS) scale by 20%.


  • Fenugreek Seeds extract (50% Spanion):

Fenugreek seeds survived the rigors of clinical studies. Researchers found that fenugreek seeds can boost men’s sex drive by at least a quarter. It is an important source of diosgenin, which is widely used in the production of steroids used for sex-hormones. This amazing herb is said to contain more than 100 phytochemical constituents. Amongst them are furostanol and steroidal saponins. Human research has demonstrated that fenugreek seed extract was

                      ➣ Effective in significantly improving the Aging Male Symptom questionnaire (AMS), a measure of possible androgen deficiency symptoms
                      ➣ Improve sexual function including number of morning erections and frequency of sexual activity.
                      ➣ Boost men’s sex drive by at least a quarter
                      ➣ Free testosterone levels in healthy middle-aged and older men.
                      ➣ Increase Sperm-motility significantly 8- and 12-weeks of consumption.
                      ➣ Decreases abnormal sperm-structure significantly at 12-weeks of treatment.


  • Ashwagandha root extract (5% Withanolide):
The highest active components extract. Folks have used ashwagandha for thousands of years to:
                     ➣ Relieve stress
                     ➣ Increase energy levels
                     ➣ Increase testosterone level
                     ➣ Increase sperm concentration, semen volume, and sperm motility
                     ➣ Increase the overall quality of sleep (time and efficiency)
                     ➣ Increase the quality of life at the physical and psychological levels
                     ➣ Reduces anxiety levels
                     ➣ Increases muscle strength


  • Cnidium Monnieri fruit seeds extract (65% Osthole):

 One of the highest active components extract. This Chinese antient remedy has been in use for thousands of years to improve male sexual functions. The effect of Osthole, the main active component is not related to nerves but through vascular endothelial mechanisms. The main mechanism of smooth muscle relaxing action of osthole was increasing NO release from endothelial blood vessels which is a different approach than the blue pills in achieving erections.

                       ➣ Increase androgen (T-Level)

                       ➣ Nitric oxide synthase (NOS) activity (increase blood flow)

                       ➣ Increase libido


  • Pumpkin Seeds extract (45% Fatty Acid):

This magnificent extract improved several biochemical markers. That include PDE-5a and nitrous oxide. Increase Nitrous oxide is the most common vasodilator in the body; increasing nitrous oxide levels helps regulate blood flow and improves penile function by increasing blood flow into the penis. Pumpkin seeds help in:

                      ➣ Increase blood flow
                      ➣ Alleviate symptoms caused by BPH
                      ➣ Inhibits an enzyme that converts testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) (T-Killer)
                      ➣ Improve testosterone production in the body
                      ➣ The increase of the sperm counts and fertility
                      ➣ Contain omega-3 fatty acids that improve blood circulation


  • Semen Cuscutae:

The Seamen Cuscutae, a Chinese herb that is currently under research by pharma companies to add to their products to enhance the erection effects of the synthetic pills.

                      ➣ Exerts a relaxing effect on penile cavernous tissues in part by activating the NO-cGMP pathway to reverse ED

                      ➣ Reverse kidney-yang deficiency symptoms by restoring the testosterone level and androgen receptor expression in the kidney and testicle.



  • Stinging Nettle Root:

Stinging Nettle extract have the ability to act as a 5a-reductase inhibitor, preventing the conversion of testosterone to Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). By inhibiting prostatic conversion of testosterone to DHT, prostate size can be reduced. By binding with SHBG, more of the testosterone will be available to participate in the growth and sexual enhancement process.


  • Tribulus extract (90% Saponins):

Tribulus is primarily used as a booster for better sexual health. Researchers have recognized naturally occurring steroidal compounds in Tribulus known as furostanol saponins which stimulate testosterone production by subduing natural hormone receptors. Another study demonstrated that it can cause an increase in sperm count.


  • Muira Puama:

Known as potency wood. It is actually the best-known Amazonian folk medicine which increases libido and penile hardness. It acts as a nerve stimulant to heighten receptiveness to sexual stimuli as well as physical sensation of sex. It helps restore sex drive and inner depth of libido and mental ability to be aroused. Researchers believe that it increases blood flow to the pelvic area, which aids in erections in men and increases sensation and orgasm in women. Studies show relaxation of erectile tissues, which allows increased blood flow into the penis.


  • Horny goat weed:
                      ➣ Widen the blood vessels
                      ➣ Increase blood flow to the penis needed for an erection


  • Vitamins B1, B6, B12, Zink:

                      ➣ Maintain energy

                      ➣ Restore and increase sex drive

                      ➣ Raise libido. Vitamin B6 is necessary for the generation of male Generate male sex testosterone
                      ➣ Enhance blood circulation




YaGoat Massage Oil for Men

 10 applications per bottle


  • ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Made of Black Ginger Oil, Ginger Oil, Nutmeg Oil, Wild Kalahari Melon Seeds Oil, Fenugreek Seeds Oil, Organic Black Seed Oil, Organic Sesame seeds Oil, Black Maca Oil, Safed Musli Oil, Muira Puama Oil, Cloves Oil, Akarkara Oil, Cnidium Oil, Extra virgin Organic Olive Oil, Grain of Paradise Oil and Galangal essential oil.
  • Best oil for erectile dysfunction:  When you massage your member with YaGoat oil, you will feel the sensation and warmth. Blood flow to the tissues will increase causing steel hardness. The member's head will fluff and the shaft will thicken for long pleasurable performance. Get energized by the strong woody and spicy aroma. Enjoy long lasting intense love making performance in 45 minutes.   
  • STAMULATING AROMA: YaGoat oil contains Galangal essential oil that causes fresh, spicy and camphorous aroma. This is a great mental sexual stimulant. 
  •  PROVEN FORMULA: YaGoat formula has been used as folks remedy for over 1000 years in Asia, Persia, and by African and Desert tribes for male intimate performance improvement. YaGoat ingredients are scientifically proven by research, studies and clinical trials to be highly effective in improving blood flow and bring about comfort and relaxation as well as reduce stress and inflammation.



Directions: Full printed direction and recommendation will be included with the package.



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 Disclaimer: This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease. Individual results may vary.


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