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YaGoat Male Pills and Oil Enlargement Package - Monthly Growth Flaccid & Erected - 1 Mo. Supply

 According to clinical study published on the National Center for Biotechnology Information, an official website of the United States government (articles/PMC5871153), Kaempferia Parviflora, a medicinal herb,  causes male enlargement flaccid and unrested in 30 - 60 days.

 A Study conducted on 664 men published on TAU, TRANSLATIONAL ANDORLOGY AND URROLOGY  journal  (article/58533), concluded positive correlation between testosterone level and penile size (stretched penile length)


 This package is carefully curated to ensure accelerated male enlargement. The package includes supplement and massage oil s to build up testosterone and increase blood flow as the most important factors in achieving successful girth and length increase, flaccid and erected.

 YaGoat Men's Enlargement Oil ingredients:

  • ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Made of Kaempferia Parviflora Oil, Ginger Oil, Nutmeg Oil, Wild Kalahari Melon Seeds Oil, Fenugreek Seeds Oil, Organic Black Seed Oil, Organic Sesame seeds Oil, Black Maca Oil, Yohimbe Bark Oil, Safed Musli Oil, Muira Puama Oil, Cloves Oil, Akarkara Oil, Cnidium Oil, Extra virgin Organic Olive Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Organic Alligator Pepper Oil


Prime 25 male enhancement pills ingredients:

  • ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Made of high quality standardized herbal extracts, Kaempferia Parviflora (5% DMF), Tongkat Ali root extract (12% Eurycomanone), Fenugreek Seeds extract (50% Spanion), Ashwagandha root extract (5% Withanolide), Cnidium Monnieri fruit seeds extract (65% Osthole), Pumpkin Seeds extract (45% Fatty Acid), Semen Cuscutae extract, Stinging Nettle Root Extract, Tribulus extract (90% Saponins), Muira Puama Extract, Horny goat weed extract. In addition to Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin B12.


  •  PROVEN FORMULAS: YaGoat enlargement oil and Prime 25 enlargement pills formulas’ ingredients have been in use as a remedy for over 1000 years in Asia, Persia, and by African and Desert tribes for male enlargement and restore male intimate functions. YaGoat enlargement package ingredients are scientifically proven by research, studies and clinical trials to improve blood flow, rise testosterone level, bring about comfort, relaxation as well as reduce stress and inflammation. 
  • TESTOSTERONE & BLOOD FLOW FOR ENLARGEMENT:  Prime 25 enlargement pills'  ingredients rise testosterone level, free testosterone and activate testicular testosterone expression resulting in growth in the smooth muscles. The corpus cavernosum that forms most of the male external genitals and contains blood vessels will be relaxed and highly oxygenated. That allows the large increase in blood flow to fill the vessels and causes a daily expansion of the spongy cylinders. The expansion will enable your body to steadily widen and stretch the tissues to accommodate the continuous increase in blood flow. The result is growth in girth and length. 
  • GET BACK TO YOUR PRIME - REVERSE AGING SYMPTOMS: YaGoat male enlargement package's ingredients will rise testosterone level, increase blood flow and circulation. That will help restore physical fitness, increase activities, encourage muscle building, increase metabolism for fat burning and weight loss. In addition, rise firmness size and duration, increase lovemaking drive, build stamina and improve overall male intimate functions. 


  • INCREASE SPERM COUNT AND QUALITY: Prime 25 contains Pumpkin Seeds extract, Fenugreek Seeds, Zinc and other herbs that are known to rise sperm volume, improve sperm quality and motility.


  • REDUCE STRESS AND ANXIETY: Prime 25 ingredients Tongkat Ali, Ashwagandha, Fenugreek, and others are scientifically proven to reduce stress, anxiety and increase calmness. That will improve male’s intimate functions as well as the quality of life in general.  


 Monthly growth
 Added firmness size and duration 
Raised sperm count and quality
 Increased comfort, relaxation and reduced inflammation
 Restored physical fitness and increases activities
 Reduced stress and anxiety
 Elevated confidence

  • Cautious: We stand behind our product and assure their quality; however, it is always advisable to consult your healthcare professional before taking dietary supplements especially if you have pre-existing medical conditions, pregnant, or lactating.


  • Disclaimer: This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease. Individual results may vary.


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Enlargement Oil Dosage Instructions:

For a single massage, you will use total 20 drops (1 mL) of the oil.

  • The bottle comes with a Euro dropper (white plastic inserted at the bottle's neck).
  • Use the Euro dropper to get the drops.
  • Hold the bottle upside down at an angel (see picture) and let the drops fall.
  • It will take about 15 - 20 seconds for 10 drops to come out.
  • Do not shake or force the oil to drop out.
  • We included calibrated 0.5 mL dropper for you to use if you prefer.

Pelvic area. (pubic area)

Enlargement Oil Directions: (apply the oil)

  • Put a hot damp towel on the genital area for 2 minutes before applying the oil.
  • By hand, apply 10 oil drops (0.5 mL) all over the pelvic area (Pubic area).
  • Hand massage the Pelvic area (Pubic area) until the oil is fully absorbed and wait 2 minutes before the next step.
  • Receive additional 10 oil drops (0.5 mL) into the balm of your hand. Use the index and middle fingers of the other hand to apply the oil all over the entire manhood (top, bottom and head).
  • Massage the manhood as suggested below until the oil is fully absorbed.
  • Leave the oil on overnight or for at least 3 hours. If you have to, use warm water and soap to wash the oil off.

Massage Instructions: (after applying the oil)

1. Use one hand to gently stretch the flaccid manhood from the head.

2. Use the other hand and get your OK grip.

3. Using the OK grip apply a firm squeeze at the base of the shaft.

4. Work toward the head with the OK grip while keeping the firm squeeze.

5. When you reach the head, stretch the head gently and hold it stretched.

6. Repeat steps 2-5.

Oil Recommendations:

  • Apply the oil on an empty or a not too full stomach.
  • Do not skip days. Be consistent with a daily massage for the entire time.
  • Although the oil is safe for your partner, before making love, it is recommended you wash the oil off with warmwater and soap.
  • Avoid supply interruption, make sure you have enough oil for the number of monthly increases you desire.

Prime 25 Pills Directions:

By mouth, take 2 capsules daily in the morning on an empty stomach or 2 hours after a meal If you experience nausea or discomfort.

Pills Recommendations:

  • The effect of the ingredients is accumulative, DON’T SKIP A DAY
  • If you experience nausea, bloating or any discomfort, allow few days for your body to become fully-acquainted to our powerful blend of exotic and proven ingredients and any discomfort will vanish.
  • It is recommended to take the pills 1/2 hour before your morning exercise or before breakfast. However, if you experience nausea or discomfort, take the pills 2 hours after breakfast.
  • It is recommended to take the pills in the day time not at night or before sleeping time.
  • It is recommended to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated
  • It is recommended to exercise to maximize weight loss and building strength benefits. Simple slow walk will do.
  • It is recommended to eat small portions but frequent snacks to avoid bloating
  • Order enough supply for 112 days to get the full benefits.


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