Frequently asked questions about YaGoat all natural products

Q & A

You may receive the oil from the bottle to the balm of your
hand. However, It is recommended to use the index and middle fingers of the
other hand to apply the oil all over the penis top , bottom and head to avoid the
loss of some of the oil into the hand’s skin.

Yes. The oil ingredients are commonly found on facial
cosmetics products. However, you can test the safety by applying 2-3 drops to the forearm, massage it and leave it on for 2 hours. /if there are no redness or rash, you can use the oil.

Based on our testing and many customers feedback, the delay
ranges between 15 – 45 minutes. Few customers have reported longer than 45

Before having sex, leave the massaged oil on for 30 minutes
only then wash it with WARM water and soap. If you leave the oil on for more
than 45 minutes or do not wash the oil off, you will experience long delay.

You will feel warmth and tingling on your penis. That is a
sign of the blood flow to the penis tissues.

Yes. However, we recommend to skip a day in between uses for consistent results.

NO. You and your partner will enjoy full sensation.

You may have much longer delay in ejaculation. Also, oral sex may not test the same for your partner.

You will not get good results. The oil effect of increasing
blood flow to the penis tissue that is needed for erection is 27 – 30 minutes.

If your erection is in stage one, severed erectile
dysfunction, we recommend you use our male enhancement pill or YaGoat honey for
men and the oil simultaneously. There is only a 50% chance for the oil alone to
work. If The oil’s mechanism is to increase the blood flow to the penis. If you
suffer from week blood flow, then the oil – pill or oil - honey combination may
work well. However, if you have shortage in testosterone or your estrogen level
is high, then we recommend our 12 weeks program to treat this problem. Please
contact us at customersupport@yagoat.com
or call 570540-7033 to learn about the program.

When applied properly, you will experience stage 4 at the
foreplay stage (banana hard). However, you will enjoy stage 5 erection
(cucumber) once you penetrate.

The oil will thicken your penis for improved performance;
However, the thickness is temporary. For lasting penis enragement in penis size
and length, try our 8 weeks course with YaGoat Men’s Enlargement oil.