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Food to Increase Sperm Count


What is a sperm count or volume? Is the number of sperms a man ejaculate or discharge when having a vaginal intercourse.

What is sperm's motility?  Motility refers to the sperm movement and it is ability to reach the egg for fertilization.

What is sperm Structure (morphology)? Structure refers to the shape of the sperm with oval head and a long tail

Why is it important for a men to have high sperm count and motility? It is important for a man to have a high sperm count and motility as  the most important factors to achieve pregnancy and to increase the male and female sexual pleasure. 

What causes low sperm count and low motility? Aging, life style, stress, over weight, low testosterones, smoking and low activities and movement are among the common reasons behind low sperm volume and motility. Other health issue is testicular disease. 

How can a man increase sperm count and motility naturally? If it is not due to testicular disease, having a healthy diet like fruit , vegetable, fish, less red meat, less junk food, using olive oil and mainly following Mediterranean Diet. Lower or quit smoking, lower alcohol consumption. 

Below, you will find a recipe from YaGoat that helps increase the sperm volume quickly. I personally use it! You must consume this when you wake up and before you brush your teeth daily!!

Ingredients:                                               Amount

1- Fenugreek seeds (whole)                    15 - 20 grams

2- Yellow Banana                                     1 whole banana

3- Roasted sesame seeds                        10 - 15 grams

4- Raw honey                                            2 - 3 TSP

Method of preparation:

1- Add the fenugreek seeds after washing to 2/3 of a cold cup of water

2- Put the water and the Fenugreek seeds on low-medium fire, cover it and let simmer until boils for 3- 5 minutes until seeds are fully cooked.

3- Add the honey to the mix and stir well 

4- Let the mix cool down to room temperature

5- Strain the seeds out and keep the liquid tea a side

6- slice the banana into circles and place it on a bowl

7- Add the Cooked seeds to the bowl with the banana

8- Add the sesame seed to the bowl with the banana and Fenugreek seeds

9- Add the Fenugreek tea to the bowl and gently mix the content

10- Eat the mix and drink any leftover of the tea

Enjoy increased sex drive and more sperms.


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